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70 Pakistani women make it to Wikipedia

TP 1 month ago

Islamabad (TP) October 12, 2019:  At least 70 notable Pakistani women made it to the Wikipedia.

The embassy of Sweden organized an event called #WikiGap in partnership with Digital Rights Foundation, Media Matters for Democracy, and UN Women and over the course of two days, volunteers created 70 new articles on notable Pakistani women and topics relating to women’s rights, such as women CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, athletes and models, said a press release issued here on Saturday.

More than 40 volunteers gathered to add more content to Wikipedia about Pakistani women.

There are four times more articles about men than women and around 90 per cent of those who write articles on Wikipedia are men. It’s obviously an inaccurate reflection of women’s achievements – and it has to change.

New articles include names like Rafia Qaseem Baig (the first Pakistani woman to enroll in bomb disposal unit), Kanwal Ahmed (founder of one of Pakistan’s largest female online groups, Soul Sisters), Munizae Jahangir (journalist), and Zainab Abbas (Pakistani cricket commentator and sports analyst).

The purpose of organizing #WikiGap is to empower women to claim their entitled role in the public sphere. Let’s work together to close the internet gender gap, said Swedish Ambassador H.E. Ingrid Johansson.

This event is a part of the global #WikiGap campaign originally launched by Wikimedia Sweden and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. So far, almost 60 countries have taken part in #WikiGap. More than 1800 participants have added or updated more than 13 000 Wikipedia articles on prominent women in more than 30 different languages.

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online and user-generated encyclopedia and the first port of call for those in search of information about a famous person or historical event. However, it’s currently far from equal.



  1. Appreciateabale & hpe to create men wiki Gal too as soon as possible !!!


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