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In the era of fast technological advancements and the bombardment of information and news on social media, coupled with citizens’ journalism, has posed a serious challenge for journalists and media houses that have themselves become dependent on these platforms to get updated news. It is increasingly becoming difficult for people to sift the truth from the maize of information that one comes across on social media and the mainstream media.
At a time when one can have access to news through various platforms, the very profession of journalism seems to have become a redundant field. However, the role of professional journalists and media outlets cannot be underestimated or ignored despite all other avenues to get the information. It is still the domain of professional journalists and dedicated media outlets to go and dig deep after the story of public interest.
The curious public always wanted to know about the whole truth and this is only possible if someone digs a story and brings our an in-depth and investigative story and here again, the role of professional journalists and media houses becomes all the more crucial as the public look at them to get the whole information.
Any happening, episode or a story leaves many things open-ended for journalists and media houses to dig deep into a story to inform the public about the whole truth. Without good journalistic practices and training, it becomes all the more difficult for a layman or an amateur person, who has assumed the role of a journalist, to sift the truth from the falsehood. It the very journalists and media houses that always try to bring out stories having all elements of a good story.
A professional journalist or a media house must have the distinction to report the events as they happen and must always try to bring out an untold story involving any episode. Media outlets and journalists must show impartiality and focus only on factual reporting and tell the truth to the public. Truth should be the hallmark of any media outlet and journalism demands professional integrity.
Since we are caught in a series of confusing battles to sift the truth from the falsehood and rumour, journalistic practices, ethics and professional integrity remains the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility and keeping this in mind, The Punch has been launched to dig stories to tell the masses and readers the whole truth. On the platform of The Punch, demand no less than perfect. Credibility and impartiality is the hallmark of The Punch.