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Ashura processions culminate across the country

TP 1 week ago

By Tanveer Ahmed/TP Monitoring Desk


Like other parts of the world, Ashura was observed in Pakistan amid tight security arrangements in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and other major cities and towns across the country, mourning the death of the grandson of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who along with his family members and companions embraced martyrdom in Karbala while fighting a tyrant of his time.

Mobile phone and other telecommunication services remained suspended in all major and minor cities including in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit and Skardu from morning to evening.

Religious leaders shed light on the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain ibn Ali, urging people to exhibit unity in their rank and file to foil the designs of enemies who may attempt to sow the seed of hatred and sectarian fissures to create misunderstanding among various sects of Islam.

The religious figures urged people to refuse to go along with tyrannical forces and hoist the flag of truth and steadfastness like Imam Hussain and his companions who preferred to sacrifice their lives instead of accepting the subjugation of a tyrant.

Ashura was observed across Gilgit-Baltistan with religious fervour on Monday to pay homage to Imam Hussain and his 72 martyrs of Karbala. Strict security arrangements had been put in place by the district administration and police to give fool security to the mourners.

The main Ashura procession was taken out from Imamia Jamia Masjid in Gilgit city which culminated at the same location after passing through traditional routes. The procession passed through Raja Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Ghari Bagh and Etihad Chowk and mourners offered Namaz-e-Zuhrain at Cap Zameer Abbas Shaheed Chowk.

Around 1,200 policemen, 500 Rangers personnel and jawans of GB Scouts had been deployed for the protection of the main procession in Gilgit.

Ashura processions were also carried out in Astore, Hunza, Nagar, Ghizer and four districts of Baltistan Division.

In Karachi, the main Ashura procession was taken out from Nishtar Park amid tight security. Small processions and Tazias joined the main procession which passing through traditional routes culminated at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah in Kharadar. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani also joined the procession.

Around 7,000 policemen and 3,000 Rangers personnel had been deployed for the security of the procession in the city while aerial surveillance of procession routes was carried out through drone cameras.

In Lahore, the main procession was taken out at Nisar Haveli and the procession after passing through Mochi Gate, Mori Gate, Wazir Khan Mosque, Paniwala Talaab and other areas culminated at Karbala Gamay Shah.

More than 8,000 police personnel had been deployed to provide security to the mourners while all vulnerable procession routes had been secured with barbed wires and barriers.

Processions were also taken out in Quetta, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Sukkar, Hyderabad, Parachinar, Mirpur and other parts of the country. No untoward incident was reported from any part of the country.


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