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GB ‘rape victim’ girl’s story takes new turn, police back-pedal on probe

TP 2 months ago

By Tanveer Ahmed

Gilgit (TP) August 9: Whether it was a clerical mistake on the part of a doctor or the police’s mishandling of the case or the excessive hype created by the rash social media users, or the sheer lies of 14-year-old Zainab — the alleged rape victim of the Sakarkui area of Gilgit, whose distraught father committed suicide by jumping in Gilgit River a few day back — the police investigation takes a new turn with each passing day.

On Thursday, Gilgit Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Waqas Hassan told a press conference that Zainab had neither been abducted nor raped by anyone but she had been to a wedding party in the town with her friend and the whole hullabaloo about her abduction and rape was “nothing but a figment of everyone’s imagination.”

According to the police officer, when Zainab returned home from the wedding that took place at the residence of local cleric Maulana Nisar from July 26 to July 29, her late father Najeebullah reprimanded her and took her to task for leaving home without permission.

DIG Waqas said that when the late Najeebullah pressed Zainab for her mysterious disappearance, she, out of fear, lied to her father that she been kidnapped by Aslam, the main accused who is in police custody presently.

The police officer said that Zainab vanished from home on July 26 but her father reported the matter to the police on July 29 — the same day when she showed up at her home and later at the women’s police station along with her father and other family members.

The DIG said that Najeebullah did not commit suicide due to the police negligence but other “circumstances” including the social stigma attached to such cases may have forced him to take his life. “The police are investigating the suicide case as well,” the police officer said.

He, however, could not give a conclusive reply on the initial police claim that the girl had been raped only stating that a clerical mistake had been committed in the initial medical report.

Maulana Nisar told the press conference that Zainab stayed at his residence from July 26 to July 29 until the wedding ended and she was given some money for the chore she carried out at their home in three days.

Another senior police officer told The Punch that a minor typo in the initial medical report led the police investigators to believe that the teenage girl had been raped. He said that though the initial medical report had mentioned “recent stretch in the hymen”, it was Zainab who constantly lied to the police, concocting one story after another and changing her statement before Maulana Nisar came to the fore to explain the whole saga.

The police officer, however, said that a three-member medical board of senior gynaecologists, Dr Shafaqat Ara, Dr Nighat and Dr Farrukh Suhana, carried out a fresh medical examination of the girl and the medical report will be presented to the judicial commission on Friday.

Though the police officer did not share details of the fresh medical report stating it was confidential, he did rule out that the girl has never had sexual intercourse with anybody. “The teenage girl may have lost her virginity,” he said without elaborating the virginity loss.

The police officer said that the accused, Aslam, was still in police custody. He explained that the police have found no solid evidence against the main accused in the rape case. “We have completed our investigation, let the court decide the matter,” he said.



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