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Hamid Mir challenges detractors to arrest him

TP 3 months ago

Islamabad (TP) July 6: Senior journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir — who is said to have been receiving threats and affronted messages for his temerity— has challenged his detractors to arrest him, if they have the guts, after a vilification campaign was launched against him and other journalists on Twitter with the hashtag #ArrestAntiPakJournalists, first originated from Team #IK_Warriors(@Ik_Warriors).

The senior journalist and anchor, who is comparatively an evenhanded, blunt and bold journalist, got across his message in a clip on his YouTube channel titled “HamidMirOnline” stating that he was not afraid of threats of arrests by what he said hidden faces, urging other journalists to defy all such hidden and dark forces with bravery and heroism, as, according to him, people will eventually stand by them, as they stood by him when he was attacked back in 2014 in Karachi. Mir was critically injured on April 19, 2014, when unknown suspects opened fire on his car along Shara-e-Faisal.

In his video clip, Mir while urging the other “vilified journalists” to stand by their point of view says that they should not panic or fear as the people of Pakistan will continue to support them, as they supported and stood by him on many occasions and ultimately, they will stand vindicated.

In the same video clip, the senior journalist while live-streaming a clip of a woman, who accuses him of declaring Ajmal Kasab — the sole surviving gunman from the 2008 Mumbai attacks, who was hanged at Yerwada jail in Pune, India on November 21, 2012 — a Pakistani citizen Min negates that ever visited the village of Ajmal Kasab or ever interviewed him. He rubbishes all the accusations and announces to take his detractors to courts under the cybercrime act, as, according to him, he has identified some of them.

Hamid Mir, in the same video, says that he will knock the door of courts before the detractors stopped him or others at a barrier in the future and put some drugs in their vehicle, as they have done with others, and implicate them in fake cases.

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He challenges that if Kasab was not a Pakistani, then why the Mumbai attacks case was lodged in Pakistan. In support of his point of view, he videocast a clip of Rizwaz Abbasi — the counsel for Mumbai attacks suspects including Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a senior commander of banned Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group behind the Mumbai attacks that left 166 people dead — who in an earlier interview with Hamid Mir on Geo television, admits that Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani. Mir also questions why an anchor was allowed to interview Ehsanullah Ahsan, a former spokesperson for the banned TTP — a group behind the attack on the Peshawar Army Public School and security forces and civilians— by the military authorities, during their custody.

He goes on to question why the government was sweeping a crackdown on Jama’at-ud-Da’wah chief Hafiz Saeed and others, whose party was used by the establishment to stage a demonstration against him (Mir) when he was attacked in Karachi.  Mir without naming the establishment says they used him (Saeed) as a pawn and now he has been dumped, abandoned and being implicated. “It should be remembered that they use them and then abandon,” he says without specifying who “they” were.

Mir soon turns to the twists and turns of the 1971 war — when former military ruler General Yahya Khan, on March 25, 1971, ordered the army to launch the military operation to “restore the writ of the state in East Pakistan, now became Bangladesh on December 16, 1971, when the Pakistan Army under the command of Lt-Gen AK Niazi surrendered to the Indian army in an ignominious defeat —stating that he and father, Waris Mir, were being dubbed as traitors because his father had opposed the military operation in East Pakistan.

In support of his point of view and to vindicate his father, Mir says that he is proud of it that not only his father but also Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Habib Jalib, former general Sahibzada Yaqoob Khan and other freedom loving and democratic intelligentsia opposed the 1971 military onslaught in Bangladesh. He says that if you call Waris Mir, Faiz and Jalib a traitor, then you better muster up the guts to choose an epithet for Sahibzada Yaqoob to announce and declare who he was.

Soon he transmits a clip of an old interview Prime Minister Imran Khan, who while giving the interview to Mir, says the then army ruler conducted elections and Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman, the leader of Awami League clinched a majority of seats in 1971 general election but the then army ruler instead of handing over him the power, launched operation against Bangalis. In the video, Imran Khan says that the people of West Pakistan were misled through propaganda and explicit lies stating that India was behind disturbances in Bangladesh, as the media was highly censored and controlled.

Imran, in the interview, says later some of his Bengali friends told him about the harrowing stories of mass killings preceding the 1971 war. Imran says that the military operations are most unbecoming and uncalled-for and cautions against conducting military operations in Waziristan and Balochistan, where people, earlier demanded rights, are now demanding freedom. At the end of the video clip, Hamid Mir prods his detractors to also say something about it (Imran Khan’s interview) and such other voices.

Mir later tweeted that he has also brought the issue of threats to the notice of the top journalist body.



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