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Using artificial intelligence to control drug trade, money-laundering

TP 2 weeks ago

Islamabad (TP) September 3, 2019: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Narcotics Control was informed on Thursday that the narcotics ministry was using the cutting edge technology to control the drug trade and money-laundering in the country and beyond.

The secretary Ministry of Narcotics Control briefed the committee about the “Ama’an project”, involving the use of artificial intelligence to keep the database of criminals involved in the trade of narcotics and money-laundering, said a press issued here on Thursday.

The committee was informed that under the project, the data gets automatically updated in less than 10 minutes.  It also contained important features such as facial recognition and smart search.  The meeting was informed that it was asserted that the new project will make the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) one of the most dynamic forces in the region as the data would be shared both regionally and internationally as sources have been acquired from 250 accredited resources worldwide.  “The database is being constantly expanded and updated to offer most accurate results,” the meeting was told.

Minister for Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi also briefed the committee about the details of the database. He said that “this achievement is just as great as the nuclear tests conducted in the 1990s but that was for military deterrence and this is for ‘social’ deterrence and will put all of Pakistan’s enemies on the back foot.”

Lauding the efforts of the whole team, the minister said that this database is a huge achievement for Pakistan and the whole nation must lend their support to the initiative.  He said that the team was answerable to the state and did not toe any one’s line.

“We must support this work so that the future of our generation could be secured,” the minister said adding that despite lack of resources, the ANF was performing commendably.  He said that despite the nature of work of the ANF, it was facing the shortage of personnel, making it all the more difficult to perform the duty as desired and required.

The minister informed the committee that the ANF has launched rehabilitation centres in all major cities to fight the menace of the drug while banking on its own resources.  He said that legislation will be formulated to ensure that every hospital has a drug rehabilitation centre. The minister said that educational institutions will also be directed to take responsibility of the students that fall prey to drugs on campuses.  He asserted that the whole house must be sensitized on this issue.

The committee lauded the ministry for its efforts and assured the minister that it will do all in its power to promote the mission to protect Pakistan’s future.


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