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10 more streets sealed in Islamabad over COVID-19 cases

Islamabad National

10 more streets sealed in Islamabad over COVID-19 cases

TP 6 months ago

By Tanveer Abbas

Islamabad (TP) October 25: Authorities in Islamabad on Sunday sealed 10 more streets after an uptick and emergence of coronavirus cases in the capital city.

According to a notification issued by District Health Officer (DHO) Zaeem Zia said that health teams had carried out surveillance of different streets in Islamabad and cases have been observed in a few streets, which have been closed in order to rein-in further transmission of the infection in certain areas.

It said that timely and proper smart Iockdown in these areas would help in containing the chain of infection in Islamabad, which has again been gripped by the rising number of coronavirus cases. The streets which have been closed are street 46 of Sector F-11/3, street 23 of Sector F-11/2, street 58 of Sector 1-8/2, street 57 of Sector 1-8/3, street 91 of Sector 1-8/4, street 10 Block D of Media Town, street 12 of Sector 1-10/2, street 33 of Sector G-11/2, street 30 of Pakistan Town Phase-I, and street 35 of Sector G-6/2.

The notification has recommended putting in place lockdown in these streets besides keeping checking on implementation of SOPs and tracing extensive contacts in these streets and other adjacent areas.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat said that in the lockdown area only those people affiliated in essential services and having negative COVID-19 certificates would be allowed to leave the streets. “Health teams will complete testing, tracing, and quarantine (TTQ) and give clearance for opening up the streets,” the deputy commissioner said in a tweet. He said that assistant commissioners would coordinate to make sure that all arrangements are in place. “Stay safe Islamabad,. the second wave is here,” he added.

According to the Islamabad District Health Authority, at least 157 people were tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday. At least 4,057 COVID-19 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and random sampling from schools, colleges, offices, markets, sectors, bus stands and airport and contact tracing was also carried out.  Among the 157 cases reported in the capital, 99 were men and 58 were women, with a positivity rate of 3.8 per cent.

As many as 186 people were tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. According to Islamabad DHO Zaeem Zia, the top contributors to the rise in cases are contacts of positives, travellers, educational institutions, family, friends and offices.


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