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Accused persons’ houses set on fire after bduction, killing of youth in Bajaur


Accused persons’ houses set on fire after bduction, killing of youth in Bajaur

TP 8 months ago

By Salahuddin SalarzaiKhar (TP) August 5, 2020: Locals set houses of alleged accused on fire after the abduction and killing of a youth, identified as Raees Khan, a resident of the Saro Killi area in Bajaur, police said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Gulzar Khan told The Punch that the 18-year-old Raees Khan was first abducted and then killed with a bullet. The Bajaur police had arrested an accused and recovered a vehicle used in the crime from the house of Fazal Ghani in the Ghundi area of Salarzai.

             Slain Raees Khan

However, the angry  Salarzai tribe elders did not wait for the police probe and about 500 tribesmen formed a Lashkar (militia) and set on fire the houses of five accused.

Local sources said that Raees Khan was killed owing to personal enmity. After killing Raees Khan on Tuesday, the murderers had dumped his body in a graveyard in Saro Killi. The vehicle which was used in shifting the body was chased by a police team led by DSP Gulzar Khan. The vehicle was eventually recovered from the house of Fazal Ghani in the Ghundi area. The owners of the house, from which the vehicle was recovered, told the police that their relatives Nematullah, Hameedullah and their friends had left the vehicle in their house.

Later, the police arrested an accused, Hameedullah while Nematullah and his other accomplices are still on the run. Police said they were conducting raids to arrest the fleeing accused.

While some locals favoured the tribal prompt action but others said that this totally illegal. A young activist hailed with Pakhtun Tahafuz Movement told The Punch that “this is not the first time we are witnessing the abduction of the youth and for the last five to six months, we are burying dead bodies with unknown murderer tags”.

He alleged that local law enforcement agencies were harbouring such elements to disrupt the law and order situation and peace in the area. Locals also observed serious concerns about the mysterious appearance of local Taliban in public places which the locals sarcastically call “good Taliban.


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