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Alleged blasphemer shot dead in Peshawar courtroom


Alleged blasphemer shot dead in Peshawar courtroom

TP 3 months ago

Peshawar (TP) July 29, 2020: A man accused of blasphemy was shot dead in a courtroom in Peshawar on Wednesday.

The alleged blasphemer was shot dead in front of Sessions Judge Shaukat Ali when the lawyer of the accused was arguing to seek the bail of his client.

CCPO Peshawar Muhammad Ali Gandapur said that the police arrested the assailant soon after he shot dead the alleged blasphemer, a resident of Achini area in Peshawar. He said that the police will take help from the CCTV footage as how the killer entered the courtroom with a pistol.

The alleged blasphemer, who was identified as Tahir Naseem (Maruf Zaidi on his twitter ), was facing blasphemy charges for the last two years and he had also recently shared some “profane content” on his Twitter account. The account of the slain alleged blasphemous had been blocked after the allegedly shared the sacrilegious and blasphemous content.

According to the assailant, who had lodged a complaint with the police against the alleged blasphemer, Naseem was a “Qaadyani and he called himself the reformer of this century with divine powers.” The assailant also told the police that Naseem committed blasphemy during a face-to-face argument with him and on several occasion on social media.

According to a police cop, as soon as Zaidi was brought to the courtroom, the assailant, who had a pistol, appeared all at a sudden from behind and shot dead the alleged blasphemer in front of the judge. He said that the police had a scant idea that an armed man was sitting in the courtroom.

Soon after Zaidi shared the alleged sacrilegious content recently on Twitter, several people had condemned it with some demanding his immediate arrest and some demanding his death.

Blasphemy is a sensitive issue in Pakistan and those who commit blasphemy often face deaths at the hands of those who say that they can go to any length to protect the dignity of the Holy Prophet.

Soon after the killing of Zaidi, hashtag “BlaspemourMaufZaidi” become a top trend on Twitter with a divided opinion of antagonists accusing and cursing each other, one group condemning the murder and other supporting the act of the attacker.

One twitter user said: Anything/everything can be tolerated against us all but not a SINGLE WORD against the dignity of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Arrest this mf and chop his head off as punishment if you want us not to be Mumtaz Qadri somehow.”

Another user said: “There is no way we can or we should justify this blasphemous act but who are we to give punishment and kill someone. Let Allah punish him for his sins or maybe you never know he can gain Hidayat and Allah forgive him but we are no one to give our verdict.”


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