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American citizen hunts rare Astori Markhor

Gilgit National

American citizen hunts rare Astori Markhor

TP 4 months ago

Gilgit (TP) January 22, 2021: An American citizen hunted a highest-priced rare markhor during the current hunting season in Astor district of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to the Forest Wildlife Department GB, Edward Joseph Hudson II of the US hunted a 41-inch flared-horned Astore Markhore in DMT CCHA on Friday.

“An amount of US$ 61500 which is almost Rs9.950 million was paid by the US citizen as a trophy hunting fee for this expedition. Out of this amount, 80% will be given to the communities as a community share. Community of the area is very delighted on this successful hunt as they are contributing a lot of efforts for the conservation of wildlife and its habitat. Congratulations to the DMT community,” it said.

While the government spends the remaining 20% on projects aimed at forest conservation and biodiversity.

The communities use their share to conserve natural resources. The funds are allocated by committees trained by non-governmental organisations in accounts, planning and management.


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