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Aurat Azadi March organisers rebuff blasphemy allegations

Islamabad National

Aurat Azadi March organisers rebuff blasphemy allegations

TP 4 weeks ago

Islamabad (TP) March 14, 2021: organisers of Aurat Azadi March have rebuffed allegations of blasphemy by detractors.

“Aurat Azadi March organisers condemn the false allegations of blasphemy leveled against the march and its organizers in the strongest possible words. We are horrified, distressed and angry to see that so many organizers of Aurat Azadi March are falsely being accused of blasphemy, and we deny all these baseless and unfounded allegations. We reiterate that no anti-religious slogans and placards were present in Islamabad. Our organizers and social media campaigns have continuously talked about religious harmony and their closeness with religion, and we cannot ever imagine, let alone even act upon, hurting anyone’s religious sentiments,” said a statement issued by the organisers.

“We also urge that it is the duty of the federal government to probe the false material that is being spread in regards to the Aurat Azadi March, and publicly proclaim these allegations as false and motivated by malafide intent. We are absolutely shocked to see that the detractors and naysayers would go to this length to put the lives of so many women in Pakistan at risk. The backlash this year is taking place at a completely unprecedented scale and is being backed by lies and false allegations: with the help of doctored footage, the conflation of the flag of the Women Democratic Front with that of France, a former colonial power that we actively shun in our feminist politics, and the testimony of a survivor of child sexual abuse at the hands of a clergyman in Lahore being falsely construed as blasphemy,”it further said.

“The Aurat March chapters in both Karachi and Lahore have already issued their statements and denied all the false allegations leveled at them. We demand that the miscreants who have taken it upon themselves to spread this false propaganda be apprehended and reprimanded with strict legal action as soon as possible,” it conclude


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