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BNF chief surrenders, announces to give up “anti-Pakistan slogan”

Gilgit National

BNF chief surrenders, announces to give up “anti-Pakistan slogan”

TP 3 weeks ago

Gilgit (TP) September 10, 2020: Balawaristan National Party (BNF) Hameed Group chief Abdul Hameed Khan, who had conspicuously surrendered to Pakistani security agencies in February this year after decades-long self-isolation, formally announced to give up his “slogan of freedom from Pakistan”, which, he said he had waged at the behest of hostile forces especially India.

Announcing his formal acceptance of the state of Pakistan at a media conference in Gilgit, he said that Pakistan is the “guarantor and the harbinger of the rights of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. The banned BNF chief admitted that he played at the hands of Indian spy agency RAW to carry out saboteur activities in GB by involving the youth who face the wrath of the state machinery, for which, he said he offered his sincere apology to them.

Hameed, who said that the India spy agency paid 25 thousand Euros per month during his exile in Europe and other countries to carry out disruptive activities in GB, said that he never used the money for saboteur activities and instead invested them on social work in the region. Hameed said that all he did in the past was nothing but his miscalculation and blunder that led to the arrest, detention and penalty to a large number of people especially the GB youth.

The BNF chief, who had landed in Gilgit city earlier this year under tight surveillance, said that he returned to Pakistan on his own, as, according to him, he had left the country like an angry child and his return was his sole and only decision. GB is my home and the soiled called me back, he said.

Hameed said that he was not planning to join any political party for time being and appealed to his followers against taking dictation from hostile forces as, according to him, neither India nor any other powers in the world can give the GB people their rights but “only Pakistan will give us our rights.”

The BNF chief also thanked the prime minister and the army chief for accepting his return to Pakistan.



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