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Chand Nawab again fumbles for words

TP 3 years ago

Pakistani journalist, who rose to stardom after Bollywood star Salman Khan picturised a character inspired by him for his Bajrangi Bhaijan movie, again thrust himself into the limelight fumbling for words during recording for a package for 92 News Channel in Karachi.

This time around, Nawab could be seen facing a camera in Paan shops in Karachi recapping the feelings of the Karachiites about a statement made by PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif during his recent visit to Karachi. Like the past episode, when he made some real gaffes at a railway station covering the departure of the train from Karachi to interior country, and cursed people for walking between him and his cameraman, Nawab again fumbled for words at some shops and could be heard complaining to the shopkeepers about the big size of the Paan they have readily prepared for him for the shooting.

He can be heard telling the Paan walas that the big size of the speck was obstructing him from speaking clearly and they should have prepared a smaller sized Paan pack for him.

The sharp camera man, it seems, has released the screenshots of the gaffe before editing the package for the TV channel and it seems that the new twist of the tongue will take him to another stardom as moviemaker will not fail to notice the interesting wordings full of fumbles and let slips.

The new interesting occurrence has widely been circulated by the Whatsapp users and it has reached thousands of people.

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