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Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza escapes life attempt


Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza escapes life attempt

TP 4 weeks ago

Islamabad (TP) March 14, 2021: Islamic scholar, commentator and a YouTuber, Muhammad Ali Mirza commonly known as Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza has escaped yet another assassination attempt, in four years, at his academy in Jhelum city late in Sunday.

According to his YouTube channel, an attacker reportedly attempted to murder him with a dagger during a photo-sesssion at his academy after the Qura’an class. According to announcement made through the YouTube channel, Mirza escaped unhurt as the attacker was arrested and handed over to police for further investigation.

According to the YouTube channel of Mirza, the attacker was a follower of the Barelvi sect and he had been sent on a mission to eliminate the young evangelical, whose lectures are popular among his followers. Mirza’s detractors call him an apostate, who, according to them, has spoiled the original Islamic text and trumpets his own interpretation by making most unbecoming comments on established beliefs.

Engineer Mirza is an outspoken scholar who is equally popular among Shia and Sunni schools of thought.

Mirza is a resident of Machine Mohallah of Jhelum city. The cleric regularly uploads lectures on his social media and has a huge following.

Earlier last year, Jhelum police had lodged an FIR against Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza for his alleged derogatory and instigating remarks against religious scholars.


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