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Fresh wave of Covid-19 cases hit GB with Ghizer district being most affected

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Fresh wave of Covid-19 cases hit GB with Ghizer district being most affected

TP 10 months ago

Gilgit (TP) July 27, 2020: A fresh wave of coronavirus cases have emerged across Gilgit-Baltistan with Ghizer district being the most affected expanse of the mountainous area.

At least 36 positive cases of the Covid-19 have surfaced in GB in the last 24 hours with at least 16 new cases surfacing in Ghizer district alone. The Thoi region of tehsil Yasin in Ghizer district has become the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic with 16 new cases followed by seven cases in Gilgit city and surrounding areas.

Sources said that Ghizer district health authorities will mobilize teams across the breathed and corner of the periphery on Monday (today) to get random samples of the people to ascertain the number of new cases in the remote region with least health facilities.

The sources said that a group of people from Gilgit had visited a wedding party in the Thoi Harf bala area and they could be the possible carrier of the coronavirus, which has rapidly spread in the area having a population of around 30000.

A health official in Gilgit health department said that after the regional government of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz stepped down after the completion of the five-year term, local administrations led by an interim set-up have almost shirked their responsibility in battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The official said that the interim set-up was seized with insignificant issues parting ways with the Covid-19 cases.

The health official said that the local government must re-channelized its resources to cope with the new wave of coronavirus cases as Eid-ul-Azha was fast approaching and more cases could be in the offing if a better strategy was not put in place to stop Eid congregations and gatherings.


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