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Ghaanche district gets mobile app related to Covid-19

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Ghaanche district gets mobile app related to Covid-19

TP 9 months ago

By Nisar Ali

Ghanche (TP) August 7, 2020: The Ghanche district administration has developed a mobile application [COVIDSAFE GHANCHE] to spread awareness and latest information about Covid-19.

In a video shared by Ghanche Deputy Commissioner Kamal Qamar while talking about the features of the application, said that the app has been developed by a software engineer voluntarily.

“This application has been developed by the district administration Ghanche for creating awareness about the Covid-19 and taking precautionary measures to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said while sharing the video in a WhatsApp group.

Talking to this scribe, the deputy commissioner said: “The mobile app will ring when two mobile holders having installed this app come closer to less than six feet. The application will provide the latest information about the Covid-19 cases in the district, in provinces and the country.”


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