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Islamabad police decide to engage media to showcase performance

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Islamabad police decide to engage media to showcase performance

TP 4 months ago

By Obaid Abbasi

Islamabad (TP) January 21, 2021: After a scathing criticism over the increasing crimes in the federal capital, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman has tasked Director Public Relations and Superintendent of Police (SP) Syed Bilal to engage the media to evacuate the police performance and better interact with the public.

In the preceding weeks, Islamabad saw an upsurge in crime cases which also led to the removal of former police chief Mohammad Amir Zulfiqar.

The newly appointed Inspector General of Islamabad police believe s that without taking the media onboard, police performance could not be evaluated or judged thoroughly.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, SP Bilal shared the performance report of the last two weeks while claiming that several suspects had been arrested for their involvement in different cases.

Interestingly, the performance report had already been shared by the police spokesman and there was nothing new in the performance report shared by the police officer.

During his press briefing, Bilal claimed that the new IGP is committed to bridging the gap between the police and the general public through the media.

When this scribe asked a question, SP Bilal politely said that new initiatives take time to yield results.

Interestingly, during the press briefing several questions were asked from the police’s first ever Director Public Relations however, he managed to answer a few questions and parried several questions asked by journalists in a packed room of Rescue 15 office particularly about the loopholes in the prosecution department and the fresh induction of personnel in the police force and several other key issues.

Although, during his media briefing the police officer claimed that few positive steps have been taken since the new IGP has assumed charge of the office such as the appointments of Superintendent of Police (SSP) Investigation, Operations and outlined a criteria for appointments of Station House Officers and Muharras.

A source in the police said that this will be a major challenge for the newly appointed IGP to take practical steps in bringing reforms in the police system especially.

“Merely interaction with media may not help the police to improve the performance,” the source remarked, requesting anonymity.

“Rehman has been appointed in the federal capital as the government believes that the top police official,  who served in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa with better performance, could also perform better in Islamabad,” an official remarked, who requested not to be named.


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