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Italian woman climber inches closer to summit K2

Gilgit National

Italian woman climber inches closer to summit K2

TP 3 months ago

By Tanveer Ahmed

Gilgit (TP) February 4, 2021: Italian climber Tamara Lunger will make history as she is inching closer to scale up the second highest mountain in the world, the K2.

Tamara Lunger, the 34-year-old climber, who started her career with skiing and later paced into the world of mountaineering, became the world’s youngest female climber in 2010 at the age of just 23 to climb the world’s fourth-highest peak, Lhotse, at 8,516 meters.

In 2016, Tamara Lunger teamed up with Simon Moro and ascent the Killer Mountain, Nangaparbat, in the winter.

In 2019, she tried to conquer Gasherbarum 1 and Gasherbarum 2 in the Karakoram mountain ranges in the winters, but was forced to give up her adventure due to the injury of her fellow climber Simone Moro.

Now, once again, she is trying to scale up the world’s second-highest peak, K2, (8,611-metre high), and has so far reached up to 7,000 meters, and is expected to summit the mountain on Friday.

If she climbs the K2 in the winter, she will make history to become the first female climber in the world to ascend the mountain in the winter.

Last week, when her climbing partner Alex Gavan called off the expedition, she wrote on her Facebook page that “*As you may have already read, Alex Gavan has left the base camp. And I thank him that he has walked with me until here. It has been a very turbulent time for me, full of worries, tears and dark moments. But I decided however to stay here, because I always try to find in every bad thing also something to discover, to understand, to overcome and thus become stronger.”

She said further said that “K2 means so much to me and although the last rotation on the mountain tried me psychologically, I am convinced that everything I am experiencing here is of great value!*”

She is a dedicated and passionate mountaineer. She loves mountains and she will make history.

“Waiting without doing anything at base camp isn’t always pleasant, but right now I really feel like I’m not ready to meet the goddess of K2. It’s not just the fact that I’m not really acclimatized, but there’s more to it than that. I’ve felt the call of K2 for a long time and I know there’s a WHY I’m here, but I also know now that the hardest thing on this expedition for me is to restrain myself from getting into the competition for the summit!
I need to go hand in hand with my soul.
One thing I have already discovered, JP is a very special partner! And for that, again, I am grateful!” she said.


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