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KP Assembly polls: PTI Bajaur accused of nepotism in issuing tickets

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KP Assembly polls: PTI Bajaur accused of nepotism in issuing tickets

TP 2 years ago

By Salahuddin Salarzai

Bajaur (TP) May 30: The Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI) Bajaur chapter has been accused of nepotism in issuing tickets for candidates contesting elections for Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly.

The election for 16 KP Assembly seats in tribal districts has been scheduled for July 2.

Sources told The Punch that the two MNAs from Bajaur have allegedly issued tickets among their relatives by ignoring hardcore workers, creating a rift in the rank and file of the party.

According to a notification issued by the PTI central secretariat on late Tuesday night, the provincial constituency PK-100 ticket has been issued to Anwar Zeb Khan.

The sources claimed that Anwar Zeb has paid millions of rupees in bribe to one member of the parliamentary board to get the party ticket. The sources said that Zeb Khan did not actually hail from the PK-100 constituency and his vote is registered in PK 101 constituency.

Similarly, in the PK-101 constituency, the ticket has been awarded to Ajmal Khan, who is the brother of MNA Gull Dad Khan.

The sources said that Ajmal Khan is known to no one in the constituency and people have heard his name for the first time. The sources claimed that Ajmal Khan belongs to the Awami National Party ANP and he has not formally joined the PTI. Despite his dubious affiliation, the party has issued the ticket to Ajmal Khan.

Meanwhile, the PTI has issued the ticket of PK 102 constituency Dr Hamid, who is the brother-in-law of MNA Gull Zafar Khan.

According to the sources, the sheer nepotism and favouritism have perturbed and caused resentment among the hardcore party workers, who worked and remained with the party for years.

After the announcement of tickets, PTI senior member Dr Khalil in a video message urged party workers to oppose the party decision and support independent candidates.

Dr Khalil had filed nomination papers for PK-102, while party issued the ticket in his constituency to MNA Gull Dad Khan’s brother Ajmal. Dr Khalil has served the party for the last 20 years and he is one of the most senior proponents of Imran Khan in the area.

Dr Khalil said that he will be running for election as an independent and added that he will win the election despite having no party. He urged the PTI die-hard workers to reject the alleged erroneous decision of the party with their votes.

PTI senior member Shafi Ullah Bajauri, who had submitted nomination papers for the PK-100 seat, told The Punch that the party parliamentary board’s decision was bizarre and in sheer volition of merit.

He said that he has strong reservations over the decision but “for the sack of the party and ideology, I will accept and abide by the party decision.” Bajuri, however, added that he did not think that the workers will accept the decision. He said that due to the wrong decision in awarding tickets, the party will face the consequences in the upcoming election.

The PTI parliamentary board for tribal districts provincial election consisted of KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Noor Ul Haq Qadri, and KP Governor Shah Ferman.

The elections will be held in PK 100 Bajaur-I, PK 101 Bajaur-II, PK 102 Bajaur-III, PK 103 Mohmand-I, PK 104 Mohmand-II, PK 105 Khyber-I, PK 106 Khyber-II, PK 107 Khyber-III, PK 108 Kurram-I, PK 109 Kurram-II, PK 110 Orakzai, PK 111 North Waziristan-I, PK 112 North Waziristan-II, PK 113 South Waziristan-I, PK 114 South Waziristan-II, PK 115 Ex-Frontier regions.


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