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No transgender person will cast the ballot in elections: Almas Boby

TP 3 years ago

Islamabad (TP): She-male Association Pakistan President Almas Boby said on Thursday that no transgender person will cast their vote in the Rawalpindi region in the upcoming general as a boycott of the apathetic political parties.

Talking to The Punch, she said that no political party was interested to resolve the issues facing the transgender persons in Pakistan. “Therefore, we have decided to decide to boycott the 2018 polls in Rawalpindi.

At the same time, she said that politicians have their properties, bank accounts, businesses etc abroad and their children study and live abroad and these politicians and their offspring have no love for Pakistan, and in fact, they have done nothing for the country except plundering it and dashing the looted money abroad.

While talking about the issue with regard to getting national identity cards from NADRA, she said that “genuine” transgender persons get their cards after a proper medical checkup and only “fake” transgender persons were denied the CNICs.

“Some fake transgender persons including gays and Zankhay- male posed as female recently staged a protest in Lahore for the smooth issuance of CNICs in the name of the transgender community. They are originally Zankhay or gays who are only interested in reaping benefits by using the name of the transgender persons. The gays are rapidly getting CNICs following the decision of the top court,” Boby claimed.

Commenting on the recently passed “The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018] bill by the Senate, she said that they had not been taken into confidence while drafting the bill.

Boby maintained that she was awarded a certificate by the Supreme Court as Punjab’s focal person for transgender person, but their suggestions and issues were not discussed before presenting the bill in the Parliament.

She further said that the government was claiming that they had established old homes for transgender persons, but no older transgender wanted to join the shelter-homes.

“Our Guru system is very strong and the Guru never leaves any transgender homeless or alone. Our older transgender persons get more respects as they become older,” Boby claimed and demanded that Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar should listen to the “genuine transgender persons” issues while also taking notice of the fake transgender persons who pose as transgender and reap the benefits announced by the state.

Last month, the Senate unanimously approved a bill empowering the transgender persons to determine their own gender identity.

According to the approved bill, it will enable transgender persons to be recognized as they perceive themselves and register with government offices as transgender(s) and they would not need to appear before a medical board to decide their gender as they are averse to the idea of facing the medical board.

Under the law, the transgender persons will have the right to get a driving licence and a passport and they will not be discriminated against by educational institutions, employers, in trade and health services. According to the law, “when using the public transport and buying or selling or renting property, they will also not be dismissed because of their gender identity.

According to the approved law, “transgender persons will be provided with loans to start businesses and they will be entitled to inherit property besides getting employment opportunities.

According to the new census, the population of transgender persons in Pakistan is estimated at 10,418.

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