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PPP woman candidate vows to contest election from Tangir despite opposition from religious figures

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PPP woman candidate vows to contest election from Tangir despite opposition from religious figures

TP 4 weeks ago

Gilgit (TP) September 30, 2020: Pakistan People’s Party Gilgit chapter candidate and former adviser Sadia Danish has vowed to contest election for Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly from Tangir in Diamr district despite opposition from religious figures, who have declared her candidacy as “prohibited, un-Islamic and taboo.”

Sadia Danish, who submitted her nomination papers to contest election from GBLA-18 Tangir, while talking to The Punch said that she has been nominated by her party to contest polls from an area where women voices are not often heard at highest forums including in the GB assembly.

Sadia Danish, who remained adviser during the previous GB government of the PPP, said that her party’s decision and purpose to nominate her from Tangir was exclusively aimed at taking up the issues of the women of the area at the highest forum of the legislative assembly which should be appreciated and encouraged.

The PPP leader said that she has received an overwhelming response from the youth of Tangir who had shown up at Chilas today where she submitted her nomination papers with the returning officer.

Sadia Danish said that woman should be encouraged to contest the election and it was her party that deemed it fit to nominate her to raise the issues of Tangir women in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

Sadia Danish, who is considered to be the committed member of the PPP in GB after she joined the party following the murder of her husband Ahsan Danish some two decades back, said that she has fully made up her mind contesting election from Tangir come what may.

She said that she has only heard that some religious figures have opposed her nomination from Tangir but she would contest the important election at all costs as according to her she would raise the women’s issues in the assembly especially health and education issues of Tangir which lags behind in overall development.

Answering a question, Sadia Danish said that she would also visit her contesting constituency in coming days as a large number of the educated youth and women look forward to seeing her lead the election campaign in Tangir.

Answering a question, she said that security will definitely be an issue after the religious figures have opposed her and she hoped for adequate security from the local administration and the police.

Local sources in Tangir told The Punch that religious figure Maulana Rajdad held a meeting in Tangir Bazaar today with local commanders and religious figures and announced that those who would support Sadia Danish’s candidacy and vote her would be declared infidels.

According to local sources, Maulana Rajdad and his supporters vowed that they would not allow the woman (Sadia Danish) to contest vote from Tangir as according to them they would not anyone to spoil the Islamic character and local norms of the area.

The local sources claimed that Rajdad used to a fugitive figure and wanted to security agencies owing to his anti-state activities but lately, he has come to the fore in the area with other local commanders after having patched up with his foes and the police.

When contacted, Maulana Rajdad reluctantly talking to The Punch confessed that he and his other supporters have issued an edict against Sadia Danish.

He said that contesting election for women was haram (taboo) and they would not allow their women to be “spoiled by outsiders.”

Maulana Rajdad said that the government will be held responsible if any untoward situation happed during the visit of the PPP woman candidate.

When asked about his past activities, Maulana Rajdad said that he did not entertain journalists and hung up the phone.

When contacted, a senior police officer in Chilas wishing anonymity told The Punch that the PPP woman candidate would be provided with all security during her campaign in the constituency. He, however, cautioned that local religious figures would have to be taken on board before allowing the PPP woman candidate to run her in the constituency, as according to him, anything can happen during the charged environment of electioneering.


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